Rosy Barb Profile

Rosy Barbs

Common name: Rosy Barb

Scientific name: Pethia conchonius

Type of fish: Barb

Origin: Southern Asia

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Max size: Usually 3 inches, reports of up to 6 inches (most likely in the wild)

Growth Rate: Medium

Minimum tank size: 20 gallons for one, 30 gallons for a school

Diet: omnivore

pH: 6-7

Hardiness: Moderately Hardy

Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive: they are fin-nippers and will chase amongst themselves

Tankmates: tetras, livebearers, barbs, peaceful dwarf cichlids, danios, Corydoras catfishes, NO long-finned fish like Angelfish

Sexing: Males have a red color, while females have a golden color

Notes: Although the Rosy Barb is a barb species, I have found them to be less "fin-nippy" than other barbs like Tiger Barbs or Melon Barbs, but this may be because I used them as a dither fish and they were afraid to nip the fins of the larger, aggressive cichlids. Like most barbs, these fish are best kept in schools to minimize fin-nipping and to have a more brilliant aquarium display.