Green Terror Cichlid Profile

Green Terror Cichlid

Common name: Green Terror cichlid

Scientific name: Andinoacara rivulatus

Type of fish: Cichlid

Origin: South America (west of Andes)

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Max size: 12 inches

Growth Rate: Very Slow

Minimum tank size: 75 gallons+

Diet: omnivore

pH: 7-7.5

Hardiness: Hardy

Aggressiveness: Very aggressive

Tankmates: medium and larger sized American cichlids, large plecos, silver dollars

Sexing: Males can have a pronounced nuchal hump, and a more colorful orange lining on the edges of the fins

Notes: The name "Green Terror cichlid" used to refer to Andinoacara stalsbergi which has a white lining on the edges of the fins instead of the orange one found on rivulatus. These cichlids are best put in tanks with a darker substrate to make their blue color "glow". These fish are also very, very, very slow growers.