Red Zebra Cichlid Profile

Red Zebra Cichlid

Common name: Red Zebra cichlid

Scientific name: Maylandia estherae

Type of fish: Cichlid (mbuna)

Origin: Lake Malawi

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Max size: 5 inches

Growth Rate: Medium

Minimum tank size: 30 gallons for one, 55 gallons for a group

Diet: herbivore

pH: 7-8

Hardiness: Hardy

Aggressiveness: Aggressive

Tankmates: Mbuna, medium-sized American cichlids, Synodontis catfish

Sexing: Males have egg spots on the anal fin which look like small orange spots.

Notes: Overfeeding with high-protein foods can lead to bloating. Like other mbuna, Red Zebra cichlids are best kept in large groups with other mbuna. The habitat for these fish should have lots of rocks as mbuna are rock-dwellers.