Parrot Cichlid Profile

Parrot Cichlid

Common name: Parrot cichlid

Scientific name: Amphilophus citrinellus Ă— Vieja melanurus

Type of fish: Cichlid

Origin: Hybrid (parent species are from Central America)

Level of difficulty: Easy

Max size: 8-12 inches

Growth Rate: Slow

Minimum tank size: 55 gallons

Diet: omnivore

pH: 6.5-7.5

Hardiness: Hardy

Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive, usually laid-back

Tankmates: well-tempered American cichlids, African cichlids, peaceful and semi-aggressive fish not too small to be eaten

Sexing: Sex can be found by venting the fish

Notes: Has a triangular shaped mouth which makes parrot cichlids unable to seriously hurt other fish. They may struggle competing for food due to their mouth shape. These fish are among the most personable fish and I have found success doing "tricks" with them.