Copadichromis Cichlid Profile

Copadichromis Cichlids

Common name: Copadichromis cichlid

Scientific name: Copadichromis sp.

Type of fish: Cichlid

Origin: Lake Malawi

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Max size: 7-8 inches

Growth Rate: Medium-fast

Minimum tank size: 55 gallons for one, 75 gallons for group

Diet: carnivore

pH: 7-8

Hardiness: Hardy

Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive. Copadichromis typically only chase other cichlids, but rarely inflicts injuries.  This species is more aggressive at the top of the water column and less assertive near the bottom owing to its open-water swimming lifestyle. The only thing to worry about for Copadichromis is its predatory nature.

Tankmates: Peacock cichlids, predatory haps, mbuna, medium-sized American cichlids. No fish that can fit in its mouth (under 3 inches). 

Sexing: Males are brightly colored while females have a dull gray color with 3 distinctive black spots. 

Notes: Copadichromis acts very similar to common peacock cichlids so they should be generally cared for as such. They are open-water swimmers who need a long-sized tank. The key caveat with keeping this species is that they must be housed with fish over 3 inches long.

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